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Sheryl Watson has over thirty years experience as a Spiritual Teacher, Clairvoyant, Palmist and Channel. She has studied, practiced and taught Palmistry, Psychic Development, Numerology, Tarot, Past Life Regression therapy and Ascension techniques.

A professional intuitive, Sheryl has assisted thousands as an advisor and teacher at Metaphysical stores, events and in private practice. She is committed to assisting people by providing clear, accurate guidance.

Sheryl is the channel and author for The New Archangels. These incredible beings are becoming well-known to people as powerful protectors, each with amazing wisdom. They assist healers, spiritual teachers, and others in enlarging their visions of success, whispering words of encouragement, opening doors to new endeavors, and new healing modalities. People in other walks of life enjoy the presence of peace and the clear direction provided by these Anchors of Light on our Earth.

A book and Oracle cards are being channeled and written by Sheryl. People are amazed at the channeled messages Sheryl brings forth from the New Archangels. They align themselves with people and a session connecting to them is just breath-taking!

Sheryl is a gifted channel of the Ascended Masters, conducting monthly Metatron channels and performing personal channeled readings for clients. Her connection to the Ascended Masters provides guidance from the highest level!